Tom and Christine Poovong

posted 14 Mar 2018, 21:09 by Mennonite Church Alberta

Tom and Christine Poovong (Witness workers – Thailand) would covet your prayers as they apply for visas for their upcoming Canadian Ministry itineration this spring. Pray especially that they might find favour among the Thai government authorities to bring with them Christine’s niece Phimchanok who has been living with the family since she was 2 years old. Phimchanok is now a sweet 7 year old girl who is really considered a daughter to Tom and Christine and as a sister to younger brother Joseph. Please pray for a smooth visa process.

Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park

posted 14 Mar 2018, 21:08 by Mennonite Church Alberta   [ updated 14 Mar 2018, 21:12 ]

Please pray for Bock Ki Kim and Sook Kyoung Park (Witness workers – South Korea) who have both gone through a very difficult period recently. Sook Kyoung’s father at age 89 has been suffering from acute back pain. After an MRI the doctor recommended surgery, but also warned of the high risk given her father’s age. The family decided on surgery after much deliberation and prayer. Sook Kyoung’s father thankfully made it through surgery and is now recovering.

Bock Ki was able to visit with his father-in-law in Jeju Island and then participate as one of the keynote speakers at the Good Church Academy also in Jeju. Bock Ki reports that he was “glad that there were many questions about Anabaptism, Mennonite peace position, and practical ways of peacemaking.” Upon returning home from his very positive speaking engagement, Bock Ki was shocked to hear of the sudden passing of his sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) from a stroke. At 57 years of age, she leaves behind two children and six grandchildren.

Please remember Bock Ki and Sook Kyoung in prayer as they continue to be a support to Sook Kyoung’s father recovering from surgery, and as they grieve the loss of Bock Ki’s sister-in-law.

Dann & Joji Pantoja

posted 7 Mar 2018, 16:18 by Mennonite Church Alberta

Dann & Joji Pantoja (Witness worker – Philippines) is already in Canada to begin her Canadian Itineration of sharing faith stories with supporting congregations in British Columbia, Manitoba and in Ontario. Joji is traveling alone on this occasion, as Dann her husband and ministry partner is remaining in Mindanao due to the ongoing conflict in the region. Joji is looking forward to re-connecting with her 5 granddaughters and their families, and thanking congregations for their support in the peace building work that she
Dann have been involved in since 2006. Please remember Joji (and Dann) in prayer as the stories of God’s shalom are shared in congregations and our Mennonite Church Canada family is inspired to join in partnership. She will be visiting congregations in BC, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Tom & Christine Poovong

posted 28 Feb 2018, 21:20 by Mennonite Church Alberta

Tom & Christine Poovong (Witness workers – Thailand) have been working with the Blu tribal people in northern Thailand.

These mountain people are subsistence farmers, mostly. In Laos and Thailand, they are treated as lower than “second-class citizens,”as outsiders, and even criminals. Tom said that in his recent visit to a village of the Blu people, he saw a need for water – more wells to be dug.  With many sanitation-related diseases, adequate sanitation is needed.

Tom and Christine have a heart for sharing Christ with the Blu people. They can already envision how other Christians and organizations can be mobilized to provide some of the basic human needs. Please pray along with the Poovongs for the Blu mountain people and for this new opportunity to demonstrate the love of God.
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Regional Churches

posted 28 Feb 2018, 21:17 by Mennonite Church Alberta

Pray for our sister Regional Church - Mennonite Church Manitoba who are meeting together next weekend, March 2 - 3 as they focus on "Mission: Living into our Call."

Please also pray for our sister Regional Church - Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, who will be meeting together March 9 & 10 at Zion Mennonite in Swift Current for our annual meeting as they "Refresh, Refocus, Renew – God is Doing a New Thing – Explore, Experience, Engage."

Mike and Cheryl Nimz

posted 21 Feb 2018, 22:18 by Mennonite Church Alberta

Pray for Mike and Cheryl Nimz (Witness partners – United Kingdom)  as they continue to connect young adults to the UK Anabaptist Network who are interested in following Christ. Pray also for ongoing relationships Mike and Cheryl are nurturing through weekly gatherings with individuals and families from different faith journeys.  Donate to their ministry here. 

George and Tobia Veith

posted 21 Feb 2018, 22:17 by Mennonite Church Alberta

George and Tobia Veith (Witness workers - China) have spent the last two months in Canada. They have had good connections with many congregations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and now Manitoba. The Veiths have shared personal stories, challenged congregations to continued global engagement, and invited faith communities to support the work of Mennonite Church Canada in prayer and generous giving. Please keep them in prayer as they return to their home abroad.   Donate to their ongoing work.

Ethiopia, State of Emergency

posted 21 Feb 2018, 18:39 by Mennonite Church Alberta

Meserete Kristos (MK) College, a ministry of Meserete Kristos Church Conference of Ethiopia, has requested prayer for safety and stability in their land.  

Kiros Teka Haddis, MK College President, writes, “We need your [praying] support for God[‘s] intervention in our country. I strongly believed that, the solution is not on the hands of the politician’s but on Him.” After the prime minister voluntarily resigned on February 16, 2018, Ethiopia has been in a State of Emergency.  “Now a days here in Ethiopia the political environment is not good. Especially, last week political unrest was seen in different parts of the country including Deber-Zeit where we are located. Due to this reason, the issue of security is becoming the major issue for everybody more than any time.”

MK College is supported by many generous members of MC Canada congregations. MK Church is the primary Anabaptist-related group in Ethiopia and the largest national conference in the world. According to Barb Draper November 2017 article in the Canadian Mennonite, MK Church has over 310,000 baptized members and over 1,000 congregations. (Nov 2017) (Feb 2012)

Family of Errol Greene

posted 14 Feb 2018, 21:35 by Mennonite Church Alberta   [ updated 14 Feb 2018, 21:37 ]

Prayers for Peacemakers 14 February 2018  Indigenous Peoples Solidarity

Keep Errol Greene's family in your thoughts and prayers, as the inquest investigating his death in custody is taking place in Winnipeg this month. Errol, 26, a loving father of four, was taken into custody in Winnipeg's Remand center on 29 April 2016. He was epileptic and taking medication to prevent his seizures. Errol asked the prison guards and nurses for his medications several times, but his request was neglected (according to his wife, Rochelle Pranteau).

On 1 May 2016, while on the phone talking to his wife, he had a seizure. The guards used excessive force by handcuffing him from behind, shackling his legs, and dragging him into a cell. They only returned with a nurse after fifteen minutes, by which time his soul had left his body.

His death is an example of not only the unjustified high numbers of Indigenous incarcerations, but also the inhumane way the colonial system treats Indigenous people.
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Colten Boushie

posted 14 Feb 2018, 21:34 by Mennonite Church Alberta

AnchorIndigenous - Settler Relations

Last week, an all white jury acquitted farmer Gerald Stanley for the fatal shooting of Colten Boushie (Red Pheasant First Nation). The decision has unmasked, once again, the deep fracture between Indigenous and Settler peoples and the need for radical, structural change, to our legal systems and to our collective relationships. Pray for transformation; that Settler peoples would do our work to undo our racism; that the Church will join, in greater measure, Indigenous led efforts to reform colonial structures that continue to oppress.

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