Springridge Celebrates 90th Anniversary

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Springridge Celebrates 90th Anniversary
photos by Donita Wiebe-Neufeld

Around 150 people showed up to celebrate Springridge's 90th Anniversary on Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1.

The congregation, birthed on July 20, 1928 as Blumenthaler Mennonite Church, consisted of Russian immigrants from both Mennonite-Brethren and General Conference (GC) Mennonite families.

The fifty-six member church met in homes until a meeting house was completed on July 20, 1935. To procure supplies, a dilapidated hotel in Ft. Macleod was purchased for $300. Lumber was salvaged to erect the original structure.Above picture is the reenactment.
Pictured above is Ella Frose. She has been part of Springridge Mennonite for 70 of the 90 years.

Since 1969 the church has been know as Springridge Mennonite Church. The congregation transitioned from German to English in the 1950s.

Edmonton's Liberian Community Extends Forgiveness

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Edmonton's Liberian Community Extends Forgiveness

In September of 2017, four women from the Edmonton Liberian community were headed to Minnesota to visit friends and family when they were struck head-on by a stolen truck driving the wrong way down the highway.

Eva Tumbay (right), 37, Jeannette Wright (left), 53, and Glorious David (center), 35, died in the crash. A fourth woman, Janet Wright Gaye (not pictured), 32, was seriously injured. Three women were members of The Solid Rock International Ministries in Edmonton. Eva Tumbay, who leaves behind a husband and four small children, was a member of Holyrood Mennonite Church. Thomas Bumbeh, a member of  Holyrood and  president of the Liberian community in Edmonton, gave leadership during these difficult months.

On Friday, July 6, the driver of the stolen vehicle was sentenced. In the midst of their grief and pain, many expressed forgiveness to the driver through their victim impact statements. They also conveyed their hope that he can forgive himself. Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, Executive Minister of Mennonite Church Alberta responds.  "This accident was a tragic event for the Edmonton Liberian community. We grieve for the husband and four young children of Eva Tumbay of Holyrood Mennonite Church, who lost her life in the accident. It has been a long road for all those who experienced the loss of loved ones, or were injured in the accident. . . . Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all of them. The fact that many were able to express forgiveness for the driver in their victim impact statements is an incredible testimony."

The Meaning of Violent Extremeism

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Dann Pantoja’s reflects of a conversation with a young peace builder who has been struggling with remaining faithful to non-violent peacebuilding practices, providing an excellent window into the ongoing peacebuilding work that he and his wife, Joji, have been invested in since 2006. "Field Notes and Reflections on the Meaning of 'Violent Extremism'"  by Lakan Sumulong (Dann Pantoja's Tagalog indigenous name)

Keep up with Dann and Joji at

Connecting Congregations: Canada-S Korea

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Bock Ki Kim’s
presents the prayer shawl with members of Jesus Heart Church in Chuncheon. When Bock Ki was speaking with Waterloo-Kitchener United Mennonite Church in May the congregation gifted him with two prayer shawls. Bock Ki presented the shawl to the core members of the prayer group in the church. Jesus Heart Church is one of the 4 congregations that make up Mennonite Church South Korea.

We give thanks for these wonderful connections and relationship building initiatives that are happening between MC Canada congregations and our international sister Mennonite communities.

Celebrating the Nicolsons

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Celebrating the Nicolsons
On July 22, a celebration of the Nicolsons’ service with MC Canada Witness in Burkina Faso will take place during the Sunday morning worship at Holyrood Mennonite Church in Edmonton.Service begins at 10:30. Potluck lunch to follow. All are welcome!

Twenty years ago, Lillian (Haas) Nicolson (Bluesky Mennonite Church) was invited to Burkina Faso to minister in the work of literacy which then grew into Bible translation. Alongside literacy and Bible translation, she has also been involved in church planting within the community. Norm (North Peace Mennonite Brethren) has ministered in Burkina Faso since 2007. He taught and assisted people to develop trade skills that enabled them to better meet the needs of their families, congregations and communities. He also audio-recorded biblical and other teaching materials to share the gospel with those who have limited literacy abilities. Norm, Lillian and their children, Kenneth and Nadine, returned to Canada at the end of May.

Springridge to Celebrate 90th Anniversary

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Springridge to Celebrate 90th Anniversary

Saturday June 30 
3:00 pm Visiting &Games
5:30 pm Supper
7:00 pm Program 
Sunday July 1
10:05  PowerPoint 
10:30 am Worship with Jerry Buhler
Lunch to follow

Bring lawn chairs & weather appropriate attire 403-627-2741
Contact Linda for RV parking: 403-627-2272

Join Springridge's 90th anniversary celebrations, beginning at 3 pm on Saturday June 30 or on Sunday at 10 am. RSVP to More information available at

At our Annual Delegate Sessions this spring, Asher Warkentin shared about his church.  Read the full article here from MCA's website.

Ride for Refuge

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Gather a team for this one-day fundraiser. Mennonite Church Canada
congregations are invited to participate in this fun, ride/walk fundraising event in support of our international Witness ministry. Ride for Refuge is a nationwide fundraising event held each year, supporting multiple charities. Mennonite Church Canada is just one of the charities registered. MCA is looking for persons to lead a team in the various location across Alberta. 

Congregations already in partnership with a Witness worker couple/family are encouraged to participate in raising funds for that ministry. If your church does not already relate directly to a Witness worker, please choose from the list on the following link:

If you would like to participate in the Ride on Saturday, September 29th please register at: and follow these steps:

1. Click on “register to fundraise”

2. Click on “first timer” or “old pro!” 

3. Click on either “sign in” (if you already have an account) or “create new account”

4. Follow each of the 6 steps to register

  1. Location
  2. Waiver
  3. Your team
  4. Contact
  5. Details
  6. Register

Contact Jason Martin if you have any questions, either by email or call (226) 747 - 1833

Asher shares about Springridge at ADS

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Asher Warkentin shares at our 2018 Annual Delegate Sessions about his home congregation, Springridge Mennonite, located in Pincher Creek. Pictured to the left: Liam from Edmonton First responds in prayer for Springridge. 

"Springridge is a church that could well be in decline due to our aging population.  Yet, we have been holding our numbers over the past decade, with new and young families joining us.  The young children that are in our midst, are a source of energy and renewal to our congregation.  We are excited about the many gifts our members possess. We have about 6 musicians that take turns in accompanying our singing. We have artists who enrich our worship with visual beauty. We thank God for the blessing of on-going energy and inspiration.

Yet we also feel some affects of an aging congregation.  We are at times fatigued by the demands of church life. As a result, we have introduced a 'rest' period each summer, when we close our church for one month.  We have also began exploring different forms of Sunday Morning service.  Video and audio sermon presentations have worked well for us on the Sundays when our pastor is away.  We are thankful that as a part of the larger Mennonite Church, we have been able to use sermons presented by some of the pastors of your churches represented here today.

Over the past years and even now, we have greatly benefited from the pastoral leadership from Lethbridge, through Fred Unruh and our current pastor, who is Harold Schilk.  In the coming year, we will again be looking for a new pastor.  We appreciate your prayers - that a good match be found and made.

And lastly, this coming summer, Springridge will be celebrating our 90th anniversary.  We have worshiped in our present church building for the past 83 years and we have done so with an open-door policy - never locking the doors of our little country church. The fact that our church has never been vandalized in all those years, speaks to the respect that our community – both church members and non – has for our presence.  We are grateful for the good relationships and respect that we have with the larger community in and around Pincher Creek.  Please pray that our community’s love and witness will be a light that draws those around us, to Jesus and the abundant life he offers. "

On the web, Springridge Mennonite can be found at:

Every Day Worship by Carol Penner

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Discover the rhythm of Every Day Worship, every week.

Every Day Worship
is a bible study published in cooperation between Mennonite Women Canada and Mennonite Women USA in partnership with Menno Media. Author Carol Penner (assistant professor of theological studies at Conrad Grebel University) uses the elements of a worship service to dive deep into Scripture and faith. Every Day Worship helps women recognize their own call to worship as they gather, pray, sing, confess, give thanks, and serve.
If you are familiar with Carol’s rich prayers, found at:, you will be likewise blessed with this study. It is perfect for women’s groups, retreat settings, and individual study and inspiration.
Every Day Worship is available from CommonWord ( or
Mennonite Women Canada for $11.99, plus shipping, via Liz Koop, 3359 -11th St., St. Catherine’s, ON, L2R 6P7,, 905-562-5920. You can also receive one complimentary copy per church from Liz..


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Initial conversations have started with Betty Pries of Credence & Co. to begin MCA Vision 2020. A reference group, who met last week with Betty, will serve as facilitators of the process.  Broken up into four phases, congregational leader and pastors from all MCA churches are encouraged to participate. 

Phase One: Listening Exercise
   An invitation to engage in the process by survey.
   What are our strengths, realities, and values?
Phase Two: Opening to God's Leading
   A weekend event November 16 & 17
   What does it mean to be a community of faith, practically?
Phase Three: Discerning God's Call
   A weekend event March 15 & 16, 2019 (ADS)
   Where have we been and where are we going?
Phase Four: Incarnating God's Call
   A final weekend event in Fall of 2019
   What are the outcomes, key learnings, opportunities, and action plans that will guide us as a church into 2020 and beyond?

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