Donna Entz shares with our nationwide faimily

posted 10 Jul 2019, 11:18 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Donna Entz, Director of North Edmonton Ministry, had the opportunity to share about relationship building with Muslim people. At Gathering 2019 in Abbotsford, someone from each of the five regions shared a "Firestarter" story, intended to ignite people's imagination for their church. 

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Mennonite Women Canada elects to dissolve nationwide ministry

posted 3 Jul 2019, 20:26 by June Miller, MCA Communications   [ updated 3 Jul 2019, 20:26 ]

Mennonite Women Canada elects to dissolve nationwide ministry
Women’s ministries in Regional churches will benefit from distribution of funds

by June Miller; July 1, 2019; Mennonite Church Canada

Abbotsford, BC, June 30, 2019

In an annual meeting of Mennonite Women Canada (MWC), attendees accepted the proposal to dissolve the nationwide ministry by the Fiscal Year End, January 31, 2020. Approval was given to lift any restrictions on funds and to distribute the balance to regional women’s ministries. Financial assets will be distributed by January 31. Mennonite Women Canada hopes the money will support the dreams and visions for present and future women’s ministries.
Mennonite Women Canada affirms the reorganization of the denomination to shift responsibilities and resources, including those for women’s ministries, from the nationwide church level to the regional church level. “As the seasons of our lives have changed, so have the projects of Mennonite Women Canada, says president Shirley Redekop. “It has been a time of growth – of spring and summer – and now, Mennonite Women Canada has moved into its autumn and winter – a quieter season.”
Just as Mennonite Church Canada has downsized and is encouraging regional churches to become a stronger force, Mennonite Women Canada is doing likewise. The Executive team expressestheir gratitude to those who have gone before.  “We are thankful for the vision and commitment of women in the past who served their church locally, provincially and nationally. We are also thankful for the support of women’s groups across the country who continue to nurture and minister to others across the street and around the world, accomplishing much more together than they could alone.” [excerpt from April 2019 Connections]

Doug Klassen Installed as Executive Minister

posted 3 Jul 2019, 20:22 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Doug Klassen Installed as Executive Minister

Doug Klassen Installed as Executive Minister

by L. Williams; June 29, 2019

Abbotsford, BC

Surrounded by friends and colleagues, Doug Klassen was installed as Executive Minister of Mennonite Church Canada on June 29, 2019. Recalling his baptismal vows in Vineland, ON many years ago, Doug expressed excitement and hope in moving together as a nationwide community of faith. "What an incredible honour it is to link arms with all of you and to walk together in to the future of Mennonite Church Canada." - Doug Klassen

Photo Credits: L. Williams

“Doug, your experience, drive, and love for the church are unique strengths he brings to Mennonite Church Canada. Your passion for working with people and building teams is a wonderful gift to the Church at a time when we are seeking new ways to collaborate across our nationwide church.” Calvin Quan, Moderator of Mennonite Church Canada.

Another amazing women’s retreat this year at Sylvan Lake!

posted 24 Jun 2019, 11:00 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Another amazing women’s retreat this year at Sylvan Lake! 
by Laura Wiebe

We were so blessed to have Irma Fast Dueck, professor at Canadian Mennonite University, for our guest speaker.  She stretched our understandings of Mary, and in doing so, created a desire to embrace Mary in a way we had not before.  She shared a number of images and aspects of Mary (the tender-loving Mary; the Mary, Mother of Sorrows; and Mary, the one who shows the Way) that we were somewhat familiar with, but by going deeper, we were further enriched.  In addition to thoughtful and inspiring sessions, Irma contributed to the rest of the weekend just by being herself—delightfully uninhibited, humorous and engaging.  Thank youIrma!

Of course, we also enjoyed the many staples of Women’s Retreat:  great food, great company, lots of laughter.  From the acknowledgement of the land read by Coreen Froese on Friday night, singing during worship times (and some dancing—praise God for ethnic diversity at retreat!), free time for games, puzzles, walks or just visiting, variety night hosted by ukulele-wielding Tracy Brown-Ewert (and entered into by all with group performances, rapping challenges, jokes and even a rhubarb eating contest) to making our own personalized prayer beads, the weekend was full of connecting with each other and growing in our faith.

The planning committee would like to thank everyone who attended and, in particular, those who helped out in so many ways.  The silent auction raised $606 for women enrolled in Anabaptist studies.  Next year’s retreat is booked for June 5-7: mark
it on your calendars already!

Photography by Helena Ball

Moving Forward with New Website Technology

posted 20 Jun 2019, 11:22 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Moving Forward with New Website Technology: Communicators from across Canada met in Winnipeg  to discuss the launch of 25 pilot websites for congregations, 5 regional websites, and a national website, all with optional news feeds, customized hub pages, CRM, secure online giving, and much more.

Back: June (MCA), Katie (MC Can), Marianne (MCSask), Lisa (MCEC)
Front: Darryl (MCM), Kevin (MCBC)

The Communications Hub

(Brochure attached below.)

laptop with individual faces fanning out from itCurious to know how will the new Communications Hub benefit  your church?

More than a website, the Communication Hub also will host online registration, online giving, and connections to our Alberta-wide and Canadian-wide families.

Capabilities: photo galleries, blogs, vlogs, sermon uploads, social media integration, story and new sharing with other churches and regions across Canada, multiple languages
Benefits: user-friendly, training and ongoing support, requires little technical knowledge

Online Registration
Capabilities: register for events, organize meals for sick, build forms or questionaires.
Benefits: User-friendly, streamlined, no third-party software, payment integration

Online Giving
Capabilities: receive donations or payments, generate tax receipts, track memeber donations, accept all major credit cards
Benefits: safe and secure, intuitive user design, private and personal portal

Capabilities: resource center - worship and christian education, forms; International Witness, partner schools, camps, and ministries; build bulletin from news feed
Benefits: one go-to location for everything, broader family connections

Timeline: Summer 2019 - regional churches (i.e. MCA) will migrate data for new site. Fall 2019 - pilot project build sites. Go Live - January 2020.

Contact June Miller ( for more information.

MCA Heritage Retreat held June 12

posted 20 Jun 2019, 10:54 by June Miller, MCA Communications

“The Age-old Ways of Local Aboriginal Culture – Songs & Stories: Rituals & Reasons”.  

On Wednesday, June 12, MCA's annual 1-day Heritage Retreat  @ Camp Valaqua featured elder Alvin Manitopyes.  The group delved into the culture of our longest-time neighbor, the aboriginal community.

Photos by Ruth Bergan Braun
Top: Elder Alvin Manitopyes
Bottom: Hugo & Doreen Neufeld; Elder Alvin Manitopyes & Ruthanne Friesen

Walk for Common Ground ends with a feast

posted 20 Jun 2019, 10:51 by June Miller, MCA Communications

Walk for Common Ground ends with a feast
Over 16 busy days, more than 30 Indigenous, union, and church friends walked 360 km in honour of our Treaties, hosting nightly Treaty Talks in 13 different churches and community spaces. It was a powerful, deeply spiritual experience that moved hearts. Some discovered, for the first time, that they are part of a sacred Treaty relationship. Many made commitments to learn and to act. For a short news report on this initiative, see

Some Highlights:

Photos submitted by: Steve Heinrich & Allegra Friesen Epp

My Day on the Walk for Common Ground

posted 20 Jun 2019, 10:40 by June Miller, MCA Communications

My Day on the Walk for Common Ground
by Tim Wiebe-Neufeld

The image on the Treaty 6 flag is striking: the crest shows a European and Indigenous leader engaged in a never-ending handshake, a longstanding and well-understood symbol of mutual agreement. The edge of the crest is lined with words that testify to the longevity of this agreement: “As long as the sun shines, and the rivers flow, and the grass grows.”

On this beautiful sunny day in 
June I ponder these words as I join the Walk for Common Ground for one leg of its journey. The dream of Indigenous leader, Dr. Patricia Makokis, the two-week walk from Edmonton to Calgary has brought together people from a variety of professions, faith communities, and Indigenous groups for conversations centred around what it means to be treaty people. The questions swirl as I learn more about agreements that go back more than a hundred years. How did these agreements shape the Canada in which we live, I wonder? What are the responsibilities--and benefits—that remain in force today? What are our different and often forgotten understandings? And where is there common ground to be found?

I spend some time in conversation with others as I walk beside the lush green fields along the road. I can’t help but marvel at the diversity of the group that is walking from Innisfail to Bowden that day. I also marvel at the diversity of opinion. Even among the Walk’s organizers, whether Indigenous or not, there are different perspectives of what actions will lead to a better relationship between Indigenous and Settler people. Yet here we are, walking together, united in the desire for something better. We all believe that a better relationship is possible. Most of those who respond from passing cars and pick-up trucks feel the same way, judging by the number of friendly waves and gestures of support.

II Corinthians 5 points out that in Christ, God is reconciling the world to himself. As Christ’s followers, we have been entrusted with this ministry of reconciliation. Perhaps the first step is seeking out places like this to enter the journey together.

Photo by Tim Wiebe-Neufeld

Report Book for Gathering 2019

posted 19 Jun 2019, 12:03 by June Miller, MCA Communications   [ updated 19 Jun 2019, 12:04 ]

The Report Book for Gathering 2019 is now available. Check out the article by Pastor Werner DeJong!

Gathering Prayer Request

posted 19 Jun 2019, 12:01 by June Miller, MCA Communications

In a week and a half (June 28-July1), our nationwide MC Canada family will come together for Gathering 2019 in Abbotsford, B.C.

  • Please pray for safe travels for the 290 people who have registered.
  • Pray also for the Spirit to inspire us as we gather to hear each other's stories, share what the Spirit is doing in our lives and churches, and strengthen our connections with one another.
  • And for our planners as they wrap up final details and preparations.

Stay tuned for stories and reports from your Regional Communicators and from the Canadian Mennonite.

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